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The Annual Report on the State of Municipal Sustainable Procurement in Canada: Trends & Best Practices

This newly released report from Reeve Consulting, co-authored with representatives from the Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Purchasing (MCSP), details the current state of sustainable purchasing practices in Canada, including ratings and rankings of municipal programs from the MCSP’s fourteen member cities.

>> Download the full 2013 report

Presenting an in-depth investigation of policy development and implementation across the country, the report provides an in-depth view into how municipalities are taking strategic approaches to their programs.

There are useful insights for municipal decision-makers, discussion of the top five emerging trends in the sector and an overview of the main challenges and top priorities for 2012.

Read more about the latest report and the Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Purchasing.

Download Summary Reports on Municipal Sustainable Purchasing of past years:

>> 2012 Annual Report on the State of Municipal Sustainable Procurement in Canada [PDF]

>>2011 Trends & Best Practices in Canadian Municipal Sustainable Purchasing [PDF]

>> 2010 Trends & Best Practices in Canadian Municipal Sustainable Purchasing [PDF]


The Yukon Intergovernmental Committee on Environmental Sustainability (YICES) is focused on identifying opportunities for collaboration to advance a collective sustainability agenda and strengthen individual programs.

Recently Reeve Consulting worked with YICES to plan, organize and facilitate a sustainable purchasing workshop in Whitehorse.

Participants included government staff from four orders of government (federal, territorial, municipal and First Nations) as well as participants from other major organizations in the North such as NorthwesTel, Yukon Energy Corporation and Yukon College.

The focus of the day was increasing support and skills for green and sustainable purchasing, as well as catalyzing a network between various levels of government to strengthen sustainability initiatives.

>> Download the full presentation [PDF]

>> Read more about strengthening green and sustainable purchasing in the Yukon.


Blazing a New Trail for Canadian Municipalities: Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Purchasing,
Municipal World, June 2011

>> Read the full article HERE [PDF]

Ramping up Sustainable Purchasing

Summit Magazine, March/April 2011>>Read the full article HERE [PDF]


Vendor Sustainability and Leadership Questionnaire

Download HERE [PDF]


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